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How to Sell Sound Kits Through Airbit

You can upload and sell your Sound Kits through your regular Airbit store and it will be delivered automatically just as your beats are!

Watch the video for a demo, or follow the steps below

  1. Head to Dashboard > Sound Kits and click Upload in the top right corner

  2. Enter the details of your kit

  3. Then upload your files. You should upload an image, the zip folder containing the files, and a preview if you have one

  4. Save your kit and head to Dashboard -> Music Stores -> HTML5
  5. Select your store from the dropdown menu and click Tabs to add your Sound Kit tab. Your kit(s) will now be displayed as a tab in your store

To display sound kits in your Infinity Store, open your page settings and by default you will see the Sound Kits page is available to you. If you have previously removed it, click the ADD button to re-add the page.

Opening the Sound Kit page settings will allow you to choose to display your kits as blocks/tiles, or as a list, so be sure to add high quality artwork!

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. connor lafitte

    I can't get the license terms to display during checkout for Sound Kits. In fact, I can't figure out how to link any license terms to a sound kit at all. I at least want to collect some information or show some terms to a client before they buy a sound kit. 

    The checkout page displays license terms, but the page is blank. 

    How can I add licenses to sound kits? Or songs, for that matter?