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Why Isn't my Flash Store Being Displayed?

Please note we no longer support Flash Stores - this guide is for those of you who have already embedded the Flash store before we removed the option from the Dashboard.

If you've visited your website and are seeing the image below, this is because you have a Flash store embedded on your page, as opposed to an HTML5 store.

Flash is being phased out by desktop browsers, and users are forced to manually allow Flash plugins to run. Flash doesn't work on mobile at all, so you could be losing out on potential customers if you don't have an HTML5 store on your page. 

We only recommend Flash stores be used for your Soundclick page, as Soundclick do not allow the HTML stores to be embedded on their platform.

To change your store, follow this guide to create your new store, then embed this on your website in place of your Flash store and you're good to go!

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