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How do I submit my beats for YouTube Content ID?

Submitting your beats for Content ID is really simple. Head to Dashboard > Monetization and click + Submit Beats +Submit Beats on the left 

Select your beats, agree to the terms & conditions, then hit submit.

That's all there is to it!

Click here for information on how long it will be before your beats begin earning revenues.

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  1. Ellis Houslin

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  1. Sara Laamarti Bousmaha

    Staff –

    The Youtube Content ID was only recently released. You can enjoy access to the feature now. 

  2. EV MOTH

    I have the platinum package, but dont see any tabs for youtube,

    seems like a few others have the problem too, any fixes?

  3. Bank Hard Beats

    Sorry to bring up an older thead (couldn't find anything else searching around), but I am having the same issue as the others here. I have no YouTube Content ID Tab in My Beats, I also just upgraded to a platinum account today and was hoping to see it appear! 

  4. DAB Smooth Beats

    I am having the same problem.  There is no YouTube Content ID Tab 

  5. Addictive Soundz Digital

    Rudy P. Magic , have you found out anything about this question yet, because I am having the same issue.

  6. Rudy P. Magic

    I'm not seeing the YouTube Content ID option. Is there something I'm missing? An update perhaps?