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What is YouTube Content ID and how does it work?

Content ID is a way for you to make money from your beats on YouTube. Once your beats have been monetized on YouTube, via Airbit, ads will begin to show on any videos that are using your beats - whether it’s the entire composition or only one segment. These ads are what generate the revenue that is paid to you.

Youtube Content ID is only available to paid users (Gold-Platinum). 

Find out how to submit your beats for Content ID here

Content ID is available to Platinum members only. If you have a free account, you can upgrade here.

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  1. Ellis Houslin

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  1. Galendar dev

    YouTube artist channel

  2. SKTRU89

    i love this, it worked for me


    my payouts have been stuck out pending what's the deal?

  4. Matthew Lewis

    If i upload my own videos with my beats, Airbit will then place ads on them, in which Youtube pays Airbit, and Airbit then pays me?

    Is this correct?

  5. Sara Laamarti

    Staff –

    1. The feature is available to all of Airbit users

    2. Yes you can whitelist your channel for example and release claims raised on users that you have allowed to monetize their videos

    In response to SoulFyah Productions

  6. SoulFyah Productions

    Got two questions regarding content id:

    1. Is it a feature only available for platinum users, cause I don't have the"content id" tab?

    2. Is it possible to whitelist users so I could offer them to monetize their videos?