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Does Airbit take a percentage of my revenue?

We do get paid for our services (believe it or not) - you keep 80% of all earnings made through our YouTube Content ID system.

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  1. Ellis Houslin

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  1. Sara Laamarti Bousmaha

    Staff –

    In response to Lefty

    We only take a percentage of the sales made on our marketplace. The sales made on your store are not subject to a commission. As for youtube CID, we take a 20% commission on your youtube monetization generated revenue. 

  2. Lefty

    When I first signed up it clearly stated we keep 100% of all sales now that I signed up for the producer, I was limited on what I can do so I upgraded to gold edition now it’s says you guys get 30% of sales when you guys said the ways you make money is by membership fees. So what do you guys do besides letting me upload beats into an unknown website when I can use another platform for free and keep 100% of sales?