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Why is someone else claiming my video, and what can I do?

Only the Exclusive Rights holder can claim ad revenue - therefore if you have sold the these rights, they can legally claim on your video.

Many artists will expect to be able to monetise their video even if they only have a non-exclusive license, so if you still want to claim for this we strongly advise writing this into your contract.

If you haven’t sold the Exclusive Rights and are monetising your beats via Airbit, we will receive the claim in YouTube and we will assert Exclusive Rights on your behalf. If the artist’s video was up before you submitted your beats through us, we will contact the distribution company requesting they release the claim, however, YouTube doesn’t currently have any practices in place to enforce this so we cannot guarantee the claim will be released.

If your YouTube video contains samples that you don’t own, the Exclusive Rights holder to those samples has the legal right to monetise your video. When you agree to our terms before submitting your beats for Content ID, you are acknowledging that none of your beats contain uncleared samples or work that you do not own copyright for.

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