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What Can I Submit For Content ID?

You must own 100% of the music you are submitting for Content ID. This means that beats containing unedited* samples, loops or royalty free music cannot be submitted. This includes royalty-free loops obtained from sound kits, as these were created by a 3rd party. Once they are used in your beat, it cannot be monetized on YouTube.

YouTube are very strict about the type of content they allow to be submitted, and monetizing content we do not own 100% of the rights to puts us at risk of losing Content ID as a platform. Therefore if we come across beats using 3rd party content that have been submitted for monetization, we will remove them from Content ID without warning.

If we see a large number of beats containing loops/samples being monetized from one individual, that individual will be removed from the Content ID program entirely, and they will no longer be able to monetize with us.

Similarly, loops themselves cannot be submitted for Content ID. This means if you are selling loop kits/sample packs, the individual loops cannot be submitted for monetization. If you are creating kits using sounds from your beats, please click here for more information on how this works with Content ID.

If you're unsure whether your music meets this criteria, or have any questions, please email us at, and for more information on what is deemed acceptable by Youtube, please read this guide:

*An edited sample/loop refers to music that is unrecognizable when compared to the original. This does not include simply pitching up/down, or changing the tempo.

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