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Why Was My Beat Removed From Content ID Without My Permission?

If we believe that a beat you have submitted contains a 3rd party loop, a sample from another song, a remake/recreation of another song, or is in any way not owned 100% by you, we will remove it without warning.

In this case we will email you to let you know this has happened, and you are free to provide evidence to the contrary if we have made a mistake. We will always do our best to ensure it is the correct decision to remove a beat before doing so, and once we are satisfied there is cause to do so, we will remove it immediately.

This will not affect your ability to sell that beat in your store (unless we receive evidence it was stolen entirely), and also does not affect any other beats you monetize. However, if we see repeated instances of beats containing content not owned by you, we may remove you from our Content ID program entirely.

For more information on what can be submitted for monetization, please click here.

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