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Do I Need To Add Any Information In My Contract About Content ID?

Whilst not mandatory, we do recommend adding your Content ID policy in your contract. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Customers know how they can use your beat.
  • Less disputes are raised, and they are easier to resolve when they are
  • If you do want to monetize someone's video even after a license is obtained, you have every right to
  • If we need to resolve a dispute on your behalf, we can do so (in your favor).

Examples of information you can include in your contract:

Licensee is not entitled to monetize any videos containing this beat

Licensee is entitled to 'X' non-monetized video streams

Licensee is entitled to 'X' monetized video streams

Licensor is entitled to monetize any music video uploaded to YouTube containing this beat

We are not a legal entity and we strongly advise contacting a lawyer when making any changes to a contract.

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