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Why Isn't My Order Going Through?

Whilst we are proud to provide a very easy checkout process, problems can occur for various reasons. Here are some common problems, and what to do when they arise.

I'm receiving an error message saying the producer's account is restricted -

Payment error: Account is restricted [Code: 520009]

Unfortunately this means their PayPal account is restricted in some way and cannot accept payment. This could be due to the settings they have in place, the region they're located, or because of an issue with their account. As this is outside of Airbit, we cannot resolve this, however you can try contacting the producer to arrange an alternate payment method, or browsing our marketplace to find beats from another producer.

My payment is stuck on Pending

This could be because the order has failed, or because the producer has to manually approve a currency conversion. Producers can allow automatic conversions in their PayPal account, and whilst most will have already done this, some may have not. 

If the payment has gone through, you can check if the order has failed by heading to your Paypal account (on a laptop/desktop) and clicking into the transaction to view the full details. If it's failed, you should see that it has been reversed/refunded, meaning the money will be returned in a few working days. Please see more on this here.

My payment went through but I didn't receive the files

Firstly, please take the steps above, checking PayPal to ensure payment did in fact go through, and it hasn't been reversed. If successful, please check your spam/junk folder in case the order confirmation email ended up there. If you have an account with us, check the orders section of your Dashboard as it will be there if it was successful. If you've taken these steps and still don't have it, please email us.

I'm buying beats from multiple producers and it keeps failing after payment

When buying from multiple producers on our Marketplace, each transaction with each producer must be made individually (this happens automatically in the background). Because of this, it's possible that one producer has an issue with their PayPal account, or hasn't set it up correctly, which causes the whole order to fail. 

When this happens, it may look like the order was successful, but checking your PayPal account using this guide should confirm it has been reversed. In this situation it is recommended that you complete each order individually, as it's likely that only one of the producers has an issue, and the rest can be bought problem-free.

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  1. Ruby L. Carter

    Everytime a purchase attempt is made nope PayPal fails four times before going through or never does or you won’t accept a card filled with money.

  2. Ruby L. Carter

    Why is PayPal the only payment solution losing customers is the goal?