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How Do I Know If My Order Failed?

The best way to check this is to head to PayPal on a laptop/desktop, click into the transaction details and look for either a 'Complete' or 'Reversed' icon. If it's showing as Reversed, the money will already be on its way back to you. This can take up to 10 working days but it usually quicker.

Notice the 'Reversed' icon near the top left

If the payment shows as Complete, this means the payment was successful. If you have an Airbit account you should log in and check the Orders section of your Dashboard, as it will likely be here. If it is not, please contact us at

It's important that you do this on a laptop/desktop, and click into the transaction for the full details. DO NOT CHECK ON MOBILE, and DO NOT CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT for this information, as these won't show the necessary details.

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