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How to Integrate Email Marketing With Airbit

To link your email marketing with Airbit, you'll need a Mailchimp, Aweber or GetResponse account.

  1. First head to Dashboard > Selling Tools > Connect Mailing Lists

  2. For Aweber, click the green button to link your account, and give permission for access.

  3. For Mailchimp you will need an API key. To generate this key, follow this guide

  4. GetResponse also requires an API key. This is done in My account > Account details > API & oAuth. We have a full guide & video here:

  5. Once you've done one of these, an email will automatically be sent to your customer asking if they want to join your mailing list after a successful purchase

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  1. BeatzByFrenk

    Hey team airbit!

    I really need answer on this one,

    How can I edit the email that will be sended to the people who are buying? I want to make an upsell email and not a thank you for buying please join my email list email.