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What is a collection?

Collections are a way of grouping your beats and/or songs and are found in Dashboard -> Collections. Collections are only available with the Platinum Producer Package. You can only display collections on your HTML5 Store. There are 4 types of collection:

Beat Tape: This is a collection of your beats that you can sell as a whole unit, rather than selling the beats individually.

Mixtape: This can contain a mixture of beats and songs, and is sold as a whole unit.

Album: Albums can only contain songs, and is sold as a whole unit.

Playlist: Unlike the 3 above, playlists are not for sale. Playlists are simply a way to display a group of beats (e.g a hip hop playlist) in your Music Store. Individual beats can be bought directly from the playlist, however the playlist cannot be bought as a whole collection.

Click here to see how to create a collection

Choose files or drag and drop files
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