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How Do I Add a Voicetag?

A voicetag is a personalised audio snippet that is used to tag (watermark) your beats to protect against unauthorised use. A voicetag most commonly consists of someone repeating the producers name every 20-30 seconds but you can personalize your voicetag however you see fit.

Once a voicetag is uploaded, all new beats added will have a tagged version automatically generated by our system. Our system will mix and loop your voicetag with your untagged MP3 to create a new Tagged MP3 which is used for streaming on your stores. All this is done using our free Autotag feature.

Here are a few pointers on making a successful voicetag;

  • The voicetag is looped over the beat, and there is no time delay between loops. So when making a voicetag, leave about 20-30 seconds of silent audio after or before the actual voice tag.
  • The voicetag must be in MP3 format
  • You may need to experiment with the volume of the voicetag until it sounds reasonable mixed with your beats

To add a voicetag to your beats, follow these steps

  1. Login to your account and goto Dashboard -> Settings -> Voicetag
  2. Drop your voicetag into the dashed box, or click inside the box to choose your file
  3. Once the voicetag has been uploaded, you will be able to preview it by clicking the play button. You can also delete the voicetag by clicking [Delete]
  4. You can then use Autotag to create tagged versions of all your beats with this tag
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  1. Sara Laamarti Bousmaha

    Staff –

    If you Autotagged first, then uploaded the new tag, you just need to run autotag again, as this will re-tag with the new tag.

    In response to Grizzly Beatz 

  2. Grizzly Beatz

    I uploaded a new voicetagg as well as auto tagged all my beats but the old version is still being used. How can i fix this?